Ms . Sahin

After the World War II, notions such as communication, dialogue and collaboration gained an immense normative value in the international platform however, due to many occurrences arising from numerous reasons including  drastic memories of the past and the impact of ideological principles; the people, cities and the governing constituents of Asia could adapt to the aforementioned notions in a relatively delayed term.     

After nearly a century, the globalization has gained a significant momentum and the cooperation, after the national governing platforms, has become an indispensable element in local authorities as well.

Within this context, legitimizing its existence through the ultimate goals of enhancing the quality of living of the people residing in the cities of Asia, preserving the sustainability of this quality and establishing a connection, as sincere as professional, among the mayors of the said cities, AMF provides services in countless fields including urban management and development, indorsement to and provision of platform of governance elements and modernizing the cities of Asia with socio cultural, socio political and socio economic advancements since the date of its foundation in 2008 in corporation with the 80 member cities and growing.

Graced with honour of second time elected presidency in AMF, Turkey, with its experienced leadership competence and the crucial importance of its strategic location, aims to bring a new image to the brand of ‘Asia’ and introduce an original perspective to Asian cities while undertaking the task of building a bridge of dialogue not only with Europe, but also with the other continents, owing to its attribute of standing as the opening gates towards Middle East and Africa.

With this occasion, as Turkey, our absolute objective on the platform of AMF is to enlist Asia within the continents that are desirable to live in by proceeding the effectuated & prepotent practices, firming the cooperations with member with member cities and countries within bona fides and to elevate the missions as part of sustainable development initiated on the local to the international level.

With the wish to bring the people, cities and the governing constituents of Asia to a brighter and more prosper to the future;

Sincerest salutations,